Kerri & Simon

Dear Deb

We thank you for helping us create a beautiful wedding dance. It was a joy to learn it from you and made a lovely intimate moment for us to share with our family and friends. The dance was great except a little slower due to my dress, big hair and shoes but they were none the wiser, they were cheering when we did the “pretzel”

You’re a star!

Many thanx.

Debbie & Marcus

Deb from Le Bop choreographed the perfect dance for our wedding day.  It was modern yet elegant but not too complicated so that we wouldn’t make a mistake on the day.  Deb's patience and sense of humour made it a pleasure to attend each lesson and we were excited to be ready to ‘perform on the day’.  Thanks to our lessons, we were a ‘hit’ on the dance floor.

Laurelle & Gil

Our dance classes were a highlight in the process of planning our wedding. Deb was an incredibly patient and caring teacher, making us feel comfortable and at ease. Each week we looked forward to going in and have fun dancing!

Fiona & Richard

We just wanted to write and say thank you for all your help in developing and helping us learn how to perform our wedding dance to Sway (Michael Buble) for our wedding on 18 February of this year.

We hope you remember us (Richard and Fiona) even though it has been so long!

It is no exaggeration to say that the dance was the absolute highlight of the wedding!! Not only did we both LOVE performing the dance and had an absolute ball doing it, we totally NAILED the whole thing! Everyone at the wedding went completely mad when we started with the rocking back and forth and then turned to them on the beat and went into the routine! And the cheering did not stop the whole way through - they loved both of our dips (especially when I dipped Richard!!) and that great drop at the end. People were raving about the choreography and how much fun we had doing it.

In fact, everyone loved it so much that as we were doing our leaving circle they bribed the DJ to play the tune again for an encore!! We had a complete blast.

The dance has been the hottest conversation about our wedding from everyone who was there (even our bosses loved it and thought it was worth leaving work early for the lessons!) Most people told us they thought it "raised the bar" on wedding dances ;)

Again, thank you so much for everything that you did - particularly for coming up with a dance that completely reflected our personalities and then patiently teaching it to us until we could perform it with confidence and spirit! We thoroughly enjoyed the entire process and will recommend you highly to everyone!

Btw, we think someone has a DVD of the dance - if so and we manage to get a copy from him, we'll send you one to have a look (and so you can convince other people to give that terrifying drop a go!)

Best of luck with everything!

Richard and Fiona


The whole day was just Amazing, Fantastic, Wonderful and we absolutely knocked them over with our dance!  It went PERFECTLY!  We just loved it so much that my magical forever remember moment will be that at the end of the night to the last song, we just took ourselves away from the dance floor to a quiet corner and danced our dance.  I don't have any pic's yet, but I shall be sure to send you some when I do.

We will be in probably next week, still have a few beginner classes on our cards, but I want to look at what else we can do to keep up the dancing, I think I'm becoming addicted!!

Hope you are well and will see you soon.