Code of Conduct

Every Le Bop Modern Jive class and event is held at a public venue, and although you’re dancing with friends and regulars as well as strangers (friends-to-be!) please remember always, you are at a public event.

We want you to push yourself, learn new things with new people and meet a community who will enrich your life.

We believe in having fun and dancing with everyone. We enjoy great humour, cheekiness and the power of not taking oneself seriously.

In order to make a great night happen, however, we have a few expectations. To put it simply, by attending Le Bop Modern Jive classes or events, you’ve agreed to always mind your manners, behave like an adult human being. So have a read:

1. This is a welcoming environment for everyone, regardless of gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, race, age, disability, physical appearance, religion etc.
We do not tolerate harassment of any kind, verbal, physical, emotional or sexual. If you harass someone, you will be asked to leave. It is always at our discretion and judgment. So don’t do it.

2. In keeping with the above, we won’t tolerate the use of misogynistic, misandrist, homophobic, transphobic, ageist, ableist, or racist language. It’s not only wrong, but embarrassing and plain rude.

3. Be aware of your physical boundaries and where you’re kicking or enthusiastically flailing that arm with great expression. Your limbs are powerful and might do unintended damaged. Being aware of others on the floor and not hitting them is the mark of a considerate dancer. If you accidentally strike anyone, please make sure they’re ok, and do apologize.

4. While dancing, either in class or on the social floor, do not offer unsolicited dance advice to your fellow dancers. In our experience the people who do this are usually wrong (and always annoying).

5. Always respect personal boundaries. Yes, we’re dancing, but there are still rules. Don’t put hands, groins, feet, knees, or any other bit of you where it shouldn’t be. There is no dance move that involves rubbing or squeezing of any sort. Ever.

6. Please have respect for the surrounding residents and always keep noise to a minimum when leaving.

Within the scope of these caveats, do your thing and have fun.

If you have any concerns, please talk to one of the Le Bop Modern Jive staff. We will treat these issues with the strictest confidentiality and seriousness with our follow up procedures.

Your courage in coming forward can keep incidents from being repeated.

Code of conduct shared with us by our friends at Swing Patrol