Dance Wear - Dance Melbourne
What do I wear?

There is no need to wear embarrassing clothing - throw out those leotards and tights! All that is needed is comfortable casual attire. Shoes are most important in that you have to wear them! Slip on shoes, or as we call them, slip offs, are not really appropriate. Leather or suede soled shoes are best.

Start clock - Dance Melbourne
When can I start?

Anytime! You can start any Beginner class any week. A new routine is taught every class, that means you can do more than one Beginner class a week and it doesn't hurt to skip a class. We teach a lead and follow dance, that means in class we do not teach a routine choreographed to music, we teach moves that you are able to 'freestyle' or 'ad lib' to music. The idea being after a few classes the 'lead' is able to string together moves in a sequence he chooses on the dance floor.

Partner - Dance Melbourne
Do I need to bring a partner?

Le Boppers do not need to bring a partner as everyone gets the opportunity to dance with everyone in the class. It’s a great social night and a great way to meet some fantastic people.

Never Dance Before - Dance Melbourne
What if I have never danced before?

Beginners with absolutely no previous dance experience need not worry as Le Bop is easy to learn. In fact, we guarantee to have YOU dancing after the first lesson! While for those with some dance experience, Le Bop can include some of the moves you already know, while leaving plenty of room for self expression. Currently there are over 400 moves, with more invented almost weekly. Of course you can get away with knowing far fewer.