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Our dancers at Relay for Life and Spring Fling Festival

Le Bop had a busy weekend dancing all around Melbourne.

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Gold Coast Championships

The Gold Coast Modern Jive Championships were held from 17th – 19th July this year, and Le Bop had a formidable team of 13 dancers go along to compete. Many of us arrived on the Friday, sleep deprived from early morning flights, with costumes half unfinished and supplies of sequins and thread in tow. Arriving early gave us the chance to explore Surfers Paradise, where we were staying, check out the shops and restaurants, and have a nap before the frenzied weekend of dancing really began!

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Getting the most out of your Le Bop class

Coming to your first couple of Le Bop classes can be a challenge, but after a while you may feel like you are no longer improving. Maybe you think it’s not worth coming to the class anymore because you aren’t learning anything new. However, each class is what you make it, and there is always a lot to learn, even for advanced dancers!

Here are a few things to think about in your next class:

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9 Do’s and Don’ts for Aerial Training

  1. Beauty pageant it is not - Wear appropriate exercise clothes - Clothes that are too loose or flouncy make it difficult to do aerials.  Zips or large buttons hurt - believe me. Remove dangly earrings and other jewellery that might get in the way or be dangerous if pulled off.
  2. Imelda doesn’t dance - Correct footwear is essential - Runners are great to learn aerials in with great support and cushioning. Be careful when transitioning into dance shoes, especially for girls wearing high heels, as landing moves can feel quite different. You should practice a lot before putting these moves into routines. 
  3. To plank or not to plank - Warm up increases heart and breathing rate, prepares the body for activity, helps to prevent Injury, prepares the mind for the activity, increases the body's core temperature, promotes blood flow to the muscles which in turn increases oxygen to the muscles and prepares your nerve-to muscle pathways so that they are ready for exercise. 

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Freestyle Fridays Launch

2015-06-16 15:06:31

Freestyle Fridays launched on Friday (12 June 2015) and we had a huge turnout for the first week. I was happy to see we had more people than our usual Wednesday class, many of which were new faces!

The extended freestyle time was well used and I appreciated some peoples song requests. The staff at Sienna were also surprised to see a big Le Bop crew on a Friday night when we cruised over there for a drink and some food after class. See you all there next Friday!

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