Sarah Birtles

When did you start dancing? Le Bop: 2004

When did you start teaching Le Bop? Unofficially Mon 24th April 2006

How did you end up at Le Bop? I had been dancing (Hip Hop/Funk/Jazz) and working at The Space for a few years when Deb finally decided that it was unacceptable for me to not have done a Le Bop class - ADDICTED EVER SINCE!

Where is the most ridiculous place that you have danced/performed? Comedy Festival Stage in 2005 with Jono (our 1st date!)

Where around Australia/OS/planet have you attended classes? Umm...Melbourne OH and Anglesea!

What is your favourite dance move? To date: The nosedive/fish followed closely by John and Bianca's ballet spin into a helicopter.

What is your favourite dance track? PussyCat Dolls: Don't Cha? and T-bone and.... :Flaunt It.

Other than dance what are you passionate about? Are there other things to be passionate about? JOKE - my friends, family and people in general.

Describe your favourite dance costume you have ever worn. To be debuted at the Vic Modern Jive Dance Champs on the 22nd April 2006 (made by Katy O'Shea).

What is your favourite dance moment? Winning Team's at the 2006 Vic Modern Jive Dance Champs!

Have you learned any other dance styles? Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, Latin (a little from Alexia).

Do you have a nickname that we have never heard and prolly never should hear? Willbe - but you all know that one; ummmm I am often knows as the chick who is "as hungry as Sandra Minc between meals"...

Do you have any competition credits? Vic Modern Jive Champs 2006: 3rd Girl Battle w little Niki, 2nd Inter DWAS, 2nd Inter Freestyle, 1st Teams!!!

Is there anything else you would like to add? The Le Bop Family is AWESOME!