Amanda Howden

Amanda has been dancing for as long as she can remember.  Starting with Ballet and Jazz as a kid and then dabbling in any other dance style that came her way.

Amanda spent most of her spare time performing in musicals including doing the choreography for a couple of shows. 

She was doing Jazz classes at the Space in 2006 and took a sneaky peek in the door one day at a Le Bop class and has barely been home since!  Her favourite move is anything where both feet are off the floor.

Amanda has competed in both freestyle and team events in modern jive comps around Australia but would have to say the most amazing moment was standing on the stage at the Victorian Modern Jive Champs in 2008 after performing the One Love routine for the first time and hearing the wave of sound hit the stage as the audience went completely nuts.  Incredible!  We made people cry!

Another big highlight for Amanda was performing a cabaret at VMJC 2014 with her daughter Seren.

Amanda started teaching Le Bop in 2009 and plans to be around for a long time.