Berni Vinci

Berni started dancing Le Bop at the end of 2005 after she was convinced by her mum to come along to a class.

She loved it so much she's been dancing ever since!

Between team routines, competitions, Le Bop balls, teaching classes and wedding dances, Le Bop certainly keeps her busy but she wouldn't have it any other way.

Berni loves pretty much all top 40 songs and is constantly updating her music, but almost any music and any type of floor will get her dancing! She also loves singing along to the words but often doesn't actually know the right lyrics..

Berni's other passions include basketball, swimming, going to the beach, going out dancing and spending time with her husband and daughter! Berni has actually attempted Le Bop on basketball courts, in swimming pools, at the beach, out dancing, and with her husband and daughter! Not all at once...