Kaarin Goode

Kaarin started dancing jazz, funk and tap when she was 7 and was introduced to Le Bop when she first moved to Melbourne in 2010.

She joined a Le Bop class by chance at Monash University, receiving her first classes from Deb and Ariel, Ali Rowe and Emily Bowly, as well as meeting her partner Moses, who was also new to Le Bop. Learning to follow and be dipped was a new challenge and she loved the workout of freestyling. Kaarin started teaching for Le Bop in 2014.

Kaarin now represents Le Bop at Champions level at many National competitions and has won many prizes for her choreographed cabaret routines.

Kaarin enjoys learning and performing team routines as well as choreographing her own pieces. The sense of community is Kaarin's favourite thing about Le Bop and she loves after-class "coffee" and going out with all her Le Bop family!