Allwyn Fernandes

Allwyn started dancing back in 2000, when signs around Monash Uni proclaiming "Dirty Latin Jive" prompted him to take a short course in Le Bop during the gaps in his timetable.

Those 8 weeks showed that even recovering two-left-footers could have fun dancing, and he decided that there was room for more of this in his life.

After graduating and figuring out how to navigate the "real world", the need for a good hobby became clear. This quickly transitioned from attending a Le Bop class every other week or so to going to classes 5 nights a week... A couple of years later, the idea to take part in a competition "just once, just to see what it's like" turned into competing at practically every Australian modern jive comp since 2007 (and a couple of New Zealand ones, too). His favourite moment so far is busting his knee on the morning of the 2014 Victorian Modern Jive Championships, hobbling around the whole day and still placing second in Advanced Freestyle and first in Teams.

Eventually, he was convinced to learn a team routine and perform it at the Le Bop's 10 year birthday ball - only to find out after starting that it was an eight-minute-long non-stop megamix... (Please Deb, don't do that to us again!) Paradoxically, the torture of that didn't scare him off, but rather resulted in Allwyn representing Le Bop as part of our top-ranked team routines and performing at various charity events. He has recently turned his hand to creating routines, and has worked with some amazing dancers to choreograph and perform several dynamic cabarets for the comps.

There are rumours that Allwyn does not sleep, but we can't confirm this - although he's often spotted dancing in the wee hours of the morning, he doesn't consume nearly enough coffee to keep him awake *that* long... But if you value your sleep, maybe don't get into a conversation about the finer points of dance late at night...