Hadas Danziger (Badass Dance-iger)

Hadas can’t catch or throw a ball to save her life so sports were never going to be a favourite pastime.

And so, from the tender age of 3, Hadas entered the world of dancing instead with ballet as a little bub, followed by Flamenco as an angsty teen and throwing in some hip hop and Broadway jazz along the way. Until one day in 2011, after Hadas had had no social life for a number of years while studying to qualify as an actuary, she stumbled upon a coupon for 12 discounted Le Bop classes.  Being the frugal actuary, and having missed dancing for so long, this seemed too good a deal to pass up and bought 2! But she got so much more than she ever thought possible – the chance to dance with fabulous people,  perform challenging and amazing team routines, and be part of a dance community (nay family!) that makes her feel special every day. Hadas hopes to share the love as a teacher and be part of growing the Le Bop family.