Deb Cantoni

Deb Cantoni is the founder and owner of The Space Dance & Arts Centre in Melbourne ( one of Melbourne's biggest dance studios, Le Bop – Modern Jive in Melbourne, Tasmania, Auckland, Tauranga and Taranaki (NZ) ( and Sp[ace] Dancewear (

Deb Cantoni has been at the forefront of Modern Jive in Australia and Internationally for more years than she would like you to know! She has won every major Australian Competition in both Freestyle and Cabaret at the highest level, and has won internationally in the UK. Deb has choreographed numerous winning team routines, including winning the Victorian Modern Jive Championships team competition a record 5 years in a row and 7 times in total. Deb has taught workshops and classes around Australia and internationally and has trained some of Australia's top Modern Jive dancers.

Deb is the founder and director of: Le Bop Modern Jive, The Space Dance & Arts Centre, Space Dancewear  and the Victorian Modern Jive Championships.

Something kooky that you probably don't need to know about Deb is that together with her husband (Ariel) and her three wonderful children (Charli aged 8, Eden aged 4 and Netani aged 2), the first initial of each of her family's first name spells D.A.N.C.E.